When Do You Need Hot Water Cylinder Installation?

In New Zealand, hot water cylinders are the most common form of water heating system for most homes. Low cost of installation, proven reliability and simplicity has made this system a firm favorite across the country for many years. Many homeowners are opting to install hot water cylinders because it works quietly and efficiently in the background and allows doing everything from taking a shower to washing dishes without having to maintain the system constantly. But, many of them do not even think about this until something goes wrong with it.

So, when do you need to replace your hot water cylinder?

 There are only a few situations when you need to repair/replace your hot water cylinder installation.


Leaky valves and pipes are the most common problems when it comes to hot water cylinders. This is usually a simple job for a plumber. If the hot water cylinder is leaking from either around the element or base of the cylinder, then there is nothing you can do other than replacing the system. This is possibly because the cylinder has been rusted. You can hire a professional master plumber to get the job done safely.

Rust formation

With continuous usage of a hot water cylinder, the components become rusty. This is not a good sign. As you have already seen, rusted cylinders can lead to leakage and water dripping. Make sure to get in touch with a plumber right away, to avoid extra costs.

The cylinder is more than 15 years old

If the hot water cylinder is old and causes trouble often, then the best option is to replace it. Get a new hot water cylinder installated. Switch to an energy efficient water heating system, because the government has already banned water heating systems without wraps after 2002.

Pressure problems

There must be times when you have experienced a thin stream of hot water in the shower when several other taps in the kitchen, laundry are running at the same time. This pressure difference is because of the traditional hot water system. However you can switch to mains hot water cylinder, which delivers water to the entire house at the same speed, even if you have opened various taps at the same time.

Low-pressure hot water cylinder

If you have a low pressure water heating system, you can upgrade to a high-pressure water heating system from bath plumbing contractors. Try to collect as much information before you get a new one. Get in touch with a professional plumber to install hot water cylinder.

Whom to ask about hot water cylinder installation?

If you notice any of these above-mentioned problems with your hot water system, then immediately get in touch with a plumber, who can then suggest whether your hot water cylinder system can be repaired or needs to be replaced with a new one.

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